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Battle Songs of the Toucan Pirates

Our first collection of traditional Irish instrumental music with authentic pirate sound effects will spirit you away on a wild Toucan Pirate adventure!

This album features full-color original artwork by comic artist Tony Millionaire (Maakies, Sock Monkey), and a full-length pirate story which accompanies the songs. The addition of banjo sensei Super Dan Baugher to the Toucan Pirates crew helps to make this album a rollicking Irish treasure.

Jigs, hornpipes, slip jigs and reels played on accordion, banjo, concertina, pennywhistle, guitar, mandolin, bozouki, bass guitar and bodhran, with a steel drum the Captain found in the West Indies, all embedded in a soundscape of pirate adventure on the high seas!

"These are some mighty feisty toucans! I wouldn't want to spot their beaked skull & crossbones on the horizon if I were at sea...

But instead you can sit back in the comfort of your home port as you listen to this soundtrack of their adventures. Hear the clang of the cutlasses in battle, the thunder of the cannon, . . . smell the sulfur of blackpowder and the sweet smell of rum, . . . feel the splash of the waves, and the roll of the deck under your feet.

'Tis a brave musical story for young and old. Though titled "Battle Songs", this 40 minute CD contains only instrumental traditional Irish music, backed up with colorful sound effects. I was really only acquainted with a couple of the pieces, but I enjoyed them all."

review from No Quarter Given (a pirate quarterly)

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