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Prepare yerselves for musical adventure on the high seas!

Arr, Matey! Are ye ready to brave a boisterous passage through the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales? Weigh anchor with the Toucan Pirates as they jig, reel & hornpipe their way through three wild pirate adventures!

Each album features lively instrumental music played on traditional instruments, plus a West Indian Steel Drum! Authentic pirate sound effects complete these seafaring musical voyages. They're perfect for pirates of all ages!

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Battle Songs
of the Toucan Pirates
  • $12 ~ Our first collection of traditional Irish instrumental music with authentic pirate sound effects will spirit you away on a wild Toucan Pirate adventure!


Sea Changes
of the Toucan Pirates
  • $12 ~ A wild storm of tunes from Ireland, Scotland, England & the Shetland Isles make this our scurviest album yet!


Buried Treasure
of the Toucan Pirates
  • $12 ~ The brave lads of the Toucan Pirates return from their third voyage with another boatload of musical gems.


All Three Albums
of the Toucan Pirates
  • $30 ~ Haul away all three Toucan Pirates albums and keep a little extra gold in yer pantaloon pockets, too.

Please be aware that we can only ship to the US and not internationally :( NEW: All three albums are also available at the iTunes Music Store!