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Buried Treasure of the Toucan Pirates

Arrr, mateys! The brave lads of the Toucan Pirates return from their third voyage to Ireland, Scotland, England & the Shetland Isles with another boatload of musical gems.

Each salty tune has been recovered from the hold of many a sunken treasure galleon, or unearthed on the shores on faraway West Indian islands.

The sequel to Sea Changes of the Toucan Pirates, this rollicking album contains authentically piratical instrumentals played on Concertina, Tin Whistle, Irish Bouzouki, Tenor Banjo and Button Accordion.

The Toucan Pirates add in a treasure chest of pirate sound effects to heighten the adventure. There's even a West Indian steel drum, for that original "Pirates of the Caribbean" flavor!

"Great for kids! The musicianship on this CD is quite nice, as is the selection of songs. The Toucan Pirates have certainly done their homework in terms of researching the traditional music of the British Isles and playing it on period instruments, along with some good background sound effects, movie samples, and a hint of Caribbean steel drums.

If you're looking for pirate music for an exhibit on pirates or are having a pirate party for kids, this is the perfect CD for you. It's reasonably lively and the pacing changes enough to keep it interesting as background music."

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"This 'Buried Treasure' belongs in your treasure chest! Top-notch all the way. Buy this CD or walk the plank!"

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