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So, ye'd like to hear about the band's origins, would ye now?

Back in the late twentieth century, two members of the Toucans Steel Drum Band began performing traditional Irish music in their spare time. After a few years of playing steel drum music during Summer and Irish music during Winter, somehow they came up with the idea to mix the two, and the Toucan Pirates were born.

They recorded the first pirate album ("Sea Chantyes of the Toucan Pirates" - out of print) in late 1995 with the help of Capitalist PigDog Recording and Captain Morgan. The album delighted pirate fans and Irish music lovers, but production of the hand-burned cassette was quickly and permanently halted by the Spanish Inquisition.

Several years later, the Toucan Pirates shanghaied a banjo-playing land-lubber and began recording another album ("Battle Songs of the Toucan Pirates") in mid-1998. At the tail end of 1999, the final pirate sound effects were mixed down in post-production, the eye-popping cover art by Tony Millionaire was complete, and the seaworthy album was ready for it's maiden voyage!

Upon opening a sodden treasure chest hauled up on a recent salvage expedition, the Toucan Pirates were amazed to discover the original master tapes for "Sea Chantyes". With a little help from the Toucan Preservation Society, the master tapes were restored to their original glory. Now you can own the improved version of our first album, retitled "Sea Changes of the Toucan Pirates", remixed to be even better than ever!

The intrepid pirates couldn't resist "just one more" gold-seeking voyage, and in late 2004 the brave lads sailed into Port Royal with a hold full of "Buried Treasure of the Toucan Pirates". Their third album is a musical treasure chest of traditional tunes and melodies, soaked in the briny spray of over 75 authentic pirate sound FX!

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