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The Toucan Pirates be young sea-farin' lads of Seattle who play traditional tunes from Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and the Shetland Isles in a rogueish and dashing manner.

They be usin' a concertina, a button accordion, an Irish bouzouki, a tenor banjo, a pennywhistle, and even an authentic West Indian Steel Drum for that classic "Pirates of the Caribbean" flavor.

The brave lads have recorded three swashbuckling albums to date. Each one contains a buccaneer's haul of traditional tunes, boldly captained through a soundscape of pirate adventure on the high seas!

You can purchase the albums directly from us, or online at the iTunes Music Store.

NEW! The Toucan Pirates book of music has been published and is available from Amazon.com. All songs notated as they appear on the albums, with chords and bonus toucan pirate illustrations. Get your copy today!

If you are looking for our piratical rendition of Disney Music Company's "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life For Me", you can find it online at CDBaby.com or the iTunes Music Store.

Battle Songs
of the Toucan Pirates



featuring 'Jack A Tar'
& 'Fortune My Foe'

Sea Changes
of the Toucan Pirates

(1995 & 2002)


featuring 'Yo Ho, Yo Ho
A Pirate's Life For Me'

Buried Treasure
of the Toucan Pirates



featuring 'Yo Ho Ho
& A Bottle Of Rum'